Fan Party

Host a virtual Fan Party and earn ZOKEE BUCKS to use toward the purchase of UK merchandise, or exchange the Zokee bucks you earn for cash!

Hosting a Fan Party is simple!  Here are some commonly asked questions:

What is a virtual Fan Party?

A Virtual Fan Party is a way to offer your friends great discounts on Zokee products, while you earn free merchandise, or cash!

It works like this: You invite guests (friends, family, etc.) to shop online at  Your guests are given a coupon, unique to your Fan Party, that gives them discounts on selected items. We track each purchase made using your specific Fan Party coupon. When your Fan Party expires, you will receive rewards in the form of Zokee Bucks!

What are Zokee Bucks?

Zokee bucks are awarded based on the total sales of your party. For every $10 of sales your party generates you will get 1 Zokee Buck! For example, If your party generated $500 in sales you would earn 50 Zokee Bucks.

You can then use your Zokee Bucks to buy merchandise on, exchange them for cash, or both!

What are Zokee Bucks worth?

That depends! If used to purchase merchandise on, then 1 Zokee Buck is worth $1. In other words, if you earn 50 Zokee bucks you can purchase $50 worth of Zokee merchandise for FREE! If you choose to exchange your Zokee Bucks for cash, then 1 Zokee Buck is worth 50 cents. For example, 50 Zokee Bucks would be worth $25 in cash.

What is the Host required to do?

Not much!  Simply invite your friends to join the Fan Party and promote the party until it ends. Don’t worry; we’ll give you plenty of tips on how to successfully promote your party!

Why would people want to participate in my Fan Party?

Your friends and family will get perks for joining your Fan Party!  Each guest you invite to your fan party will be given a coupon that will give them a 20% discount on select products.  As the host, you will choose which products are discounted by picking 3 product categories*.  Your Fan Party guests will receive 20% off all products in those categories.

*Categories include: Baby, Youth, Toddler, Ladies, Men, Home Goods, Tailgate, Car Accessories, Tech Accessories, Pets, and Memorabilia.

As a host, you can also choose to offer additional perks to increase sales. For example, you can offer your Fan Party guests free shipping by having all orders shipped directly to you. Party guests can then pick up their merchandise from you, or you could deliver the items personally! Free shipping will increase your total sales, which means you earn more Zokee Bucks!

Who do I contact if I want to host a Fan Party?

If you would like host a virtual Fan Party, please contact us at ,or call 1-800-540-4933, and we will send you detailed instructions on how to be a host. We will help you every step of the way to ensure your Fan Party is a success!


Start planning your Fan Party today and watch the Zokee Bucks roll in!