University of Kentucky Mini Hoopster Set


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This University of Kentucky Mini Hoopster set is the perfect way to introduce your love of Kentucky basketball to your little ones! This is a heavy duty hoopster set that can be mounted over a door, or anchored to wall studs. Included is a 22" x 17"  3/8 inch MDF backboard, 11" metal hoop, 5" rubber ball, 4" air pump, and the necessary mounting hardware; including an over the door bracket and screwdriver. 


         Set Includes:

  • One 22" x 17 " Basketball Backboard and Hoop Set with University of Kentucky logo and colors
  • One 11" Metal Hoop
  • 5" Rubber Ball
  • 4" Pump to inflate ball
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Screwdriver
  • One Over-the-Door Bracket 
  • Assembly is Required